Our Product in action

Fake Out

I always try to catch my team using the Kitty Litter Louvers, but as you can see, this team member was not cooperating. LOL!  (for best viewing, view full screen) 

Konfused kitty

She is trying! Hard plastic doors on some covered litter boxes are truly a obstacle for cats and do require a learning period. Some cats outright refuse to use a litter box with those hard plastic doors - most cats do not enjoy pushing something hard with their noses! (they are not like dogs) With Kitty Litter Louvers, there is NO learning period.  (for full cuteness, watch full screen) 



Sunday Work


A little behind-the-scenes here at KItty Litter Louvers. Our team taking  their lunch break which includes a tasty lick of some kitty milk. Team  work is all about sharing. :)

Movie Night - "The Possum"

Simba loved movie nights! 😸  More often than not, movie night happened nightly, especially in the winter months. The best part was you never know which movie was showing that night! When you hear him, it's hard to tell if Simba really liked the "movie" or was just mad that he wasn't in it! 

Movie Matinee - "COLD TURKEY"

Simba at a Movie Matinee. I think he liked Movie Nights better! Watch how Simba gets the stare down from the lead character. 

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Kitty Litter Louvers

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