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Good instructions all round. Easy to apply, but needed a few days to unroll, and then worked well afterwards. It serves a good purpose, especially in a one-cat house. Definitely helped when my cat sprayed out through the doorway and kicking the litter outside the doorway. It stopped the spray and the litter spillage! I will continue to use it as it helps with my specific litter box problems.

                                                                                                      L.B. & C.B.


New Yorkers


The instructions were simple to follow and it was pretty easy to apply the louvers to my box.  My cats had no problem or hesitation going in or out of the box after applying the louvers. Seeing the louvers on the outside of the box actually does help encourage me to clean the box! They also helped stop the spillage of litter out of the doorway. The louvers allow light to get in, much better than the door the box originally came with that almost completely blocked out the light. The louvers help contain the smells a GREAT deal. I don't notice any smell until a day or 2 before the weekly change. I think this product has helped the litter box do its job of keeping the smells contained while still being hassle-free for the cats. The covered box is a must for privacy and smell control, but my cats hated the hard plastic door so it had to be removed. With the Kitty Litter Louvers the covered box works as a fully covered box again without upsetting the cats. For me the smell and mess prevention are the best aspects; I will always use my Kitty Litter Louvers.


                                                                                                                      New York

Sylvia's Mother said...


Kitty Litter Louvers is a wonderful product. When we first received it, we weren’t sure if it would work because Sylvia’s litter box is a wicker crate. However, the flexibility of the material and the strength of the adhesive made it very simple to install. My Mom loves the Kitty Litter Louvers. She said the area outside the kitty litter box is now much cleaner. The clear louvers are thin so Sylvia had no problem at all going through them and the louvers made a huge difference in cleanliness in keeping the litter inside the LITTER box!

Thank you for a great product….I highly recommend it!!


                                                                                                                  New Jersey

Fast Delivery


Got the louver doors in a couple of days. Found them rolled up nicely in bubble wrap with instructions. It was easy to install and my cat used the box right away. So far the cat likes it.





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