Meet Simba


This is my Simba.  He has filled my life with his presence for 18 years and because of him I invented KItty Litter Louvers. He was a cool cat... part cat, part dog. The good parts of both. He was the King of the house - he knew it and we knew it as well. We didn't mind it though, because he earned every bit of that title. 

My A-ha Moment


Having a covered litter box is important, but removing the cover to clean it is a hassle, especially when the litter did not need cleaning yet! Which meant I would return again to check it later. Not to mention the clean-up of the litter spillage……A-HA! I needed a door for my litter box that would solve these problems for me and more! So I invented Kitty Litter Louvers. Louvers that would help contain the litter and would also display on the outside of the box to indicate when it needed cleaning. My problems solved! 

Clean Litter Box, Clean Cat


Cleaning the litter box OFTEN encourages a clean cat OFTEN. This is especially helpful if your cat uses your pillow too. ;) Keep your cat happy and clean; use Kitty Litter Louvers on your litter box(es) as a visual reminder and you will be happy and clean too!


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